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Beginners’ Courses

Learning bridge is fun and we place a huge emphasis on a practical, cheerful approach. We start with a 4-week free course so you can make sure that you like the game. We, of course, have no doubts! A further 4 weeks will follow after that. Please ring 03 355 0643 or email bridge@houseofcards.co.nz to enrol.

Improvers’ Course

Want to get better? See below for course dates. 

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Bridge Classes

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We also have a library of free YouTube tutorials

Next Beginners’ Course

                4 FREE lessons


                Tuesday April 30 2024 @ 1.30 pm

                Ring: 3550643 or

                Email:   bridge@houseofcards.co.nz     

Bridge Shop

This is where you will find the series of House of Cards books. There are 13 books in all and you will find the topic you are interested in. The books are geared towards the improving player rather than the advanced player. They are simple and easy to read and are sold widely within New Zealand and overseas. 

Video Lessons

Learn bridge online video lessons. Below is a small sample of our free online tutorials on YouTube. Make sure you subscribe to our channel to get notifications of new tutorials when they are added. 

Introduction to Bridge

Opener's 1st Bid

Responder's Limit Bids

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